Venue: Fortune Grand Hotel, Diera, Dubai.

Date: December 10th – 15th December, 2019 (Five (5) Days Intensive Training)

Time: 9.00 am to 5.00pm daily

Fee: $1,850 per participant covering; Visa, Course materials, Tea Break, Buffet Lunch and Executive Certificate in Transformational Leadership and Management.


Sharpening your leadership edge!

On behalf of Leading Edge Business School, Abuja, Nigeria and Harvard Business School, Boston, USA, I warmly welcome you to the 2018 Transformational Leadership Summit. In this programme, Chief Executives, Heads of Institutions, and Top public & private sector leaders will be armed with requisite toolkits and exposures to navigate across dimensional turbulence, various waves of leadership challenges and social pressures. Experience has proven that it’s only the tough, protected and equipped that can ride on, gliding through the beckon of the storm like the eagle to soar towards higher altitudes.


This year’s programme is very remarkable as it offers an optimal mix of concept presentation, suitable for delegates from Institutions, public and private sector work-systems for superior results. There shall be breakthrough leadership and Management sessions, personalized delegates engagement and networking opportunities. You will leave this event with a blueprint of what you need to do. Each primary attendee will get the chance of getting personalized coaching from our hand-picked and certified coaches and presenters. This is coaching at its best, because you will partake along with your fellow delegates in the following programmes in a safe and confidential environment.

This programme features 3 key events:

  1. The training aspect of this programme is very important as modern leaders and aspiring leaders, management executives, strategists, institutional decision makers, high powered delegates & experts with desire to learn from Dubai visionary & innovative leadership style would gather to learn from industry experts what they have not known to optimally perform in their respective endeavours. Part of the deliberations would centre on ways to acquire superior learning for global impact, performance management, conflict management, critical thinking, human resource utilization and other related issues. Leaders like yourself who require an extensive exposure in Leadership Training and business Practice are encouraged to participate.


  1. Induction of all participants into Leading Edge Business School Fellowship Forum (LEBS FELLOWS FORUM)


  1. The Global Transformational Leadership Award (GTLA) is meant to enhance global innovation index across West Africa as it would stimulate and encourage individuals and organizations to adopt innovation for transformational leadership in their various fields of influence. TLA awards will inspire individuals and organizations to adopt innovativeness in their approach towards achieving success while enhancing their competitiveness in the journey of transformational Leadership. West Africa is well on its way to joining other regions of the world in the odyssey of recognition in Leadership and innovation.


With our world-rate faculty who interpret the pulse of governments worldwide and then narrow it to your particular circumstance, we provide knowledge, experience pipeline and the tool-kits that today’s evolving leaders like you can use to change the trajectory of their performance and create high impact on their organization.


Therefore, we are ready to present to you an extensive portfolio of leadership programmes and cutting edge transformational solutions that provide multi-level of development in the circumstance of today’s economic conditions for leaders and senior management team. No doubt, an Advance Executive Certificate from us in conjunction with Harvard Business School USA places you on a high premium and avails you a global edge for competitive advantage like no other.


This programme is specifically crafted with curriculum designs that suit your present trends. The faculty is a formidable team of subject-matter experts with global expertise and local mindset.

You are welcome!


Ben Nwankwo (PhD)

Chairman, Leading Edge Business School



This event offers an optimal mix of concept presentation, breakthrough leadership and management sessions, personalized delegate engagement and networking opportunities. You will leave this event with a blueprint of what you need to do as a transformer. Each primary attendee will get the chance to get personalized coaching from our hand-picked and certified coaches and presenters. This is coaching at its best, because you learn from the coaches and your fellow delegates in a safe and confidential environment.



The transformational Leadership & Management Master-class  is an important forum to discuss modern leadership, management strategies, business, decision making, delegation & empowerment, global impact, economy, performance management, conflict management, vision, human resource utilization and other related issues. Leaders like yourself who require an extensive exposure in Leadership Training and Management Practices are encouraged to learn and share perspectives with other professionals, managers, business owners and senior executives.



  • Leverage on the summit as a resource to transform yourself and the people you lead
  • Learn how to create and manage investments that outlive its owners
  • Learn to take your organisation to the next level
  • Learn the underlining principles that govern great organizations
  • Learn what it takes to be the standard of quality in your industry
  • Learn how to systemize your organisation to run without you
  • Learn how leadership and management work in this digital economy, and much more.
  • Learn how great leaders lead
  • Admittance of delegates into the Leading Edge Business School’s fellowship Forum
  • Recognition of CEOs with outstanding records of performance



  1. Visioning and Visionary Leadership
  2. Transformational Leadership and sustainability
  3. Re-wiring the organization for greater productivity using leadership and management essentials
  4. leadership- the lifeblood of organizational performance
  5. Balance score card
  6. 21st century Leadership
  7. Management Automation processes
  8. How to create innovation by leaders
  9. 32 Qualities of Good leaders and how to acquire them
  10. Communication redefined for top executives
  11. Digital governance for Top Executives
  12. World Economies and Wealth management for leaders
  13. Emotional Intelligence
  14. Core Corporate Governance
  15. Succession Planning



Personality Assessment Test: We conduct Personality Assessment Test on all our Course participants to help them understand their personality traits and dispositions.

At the end of the seminar you should be able to

  • Get a unique blend of vision, inspiration and practical skills you can immediately apply
  • Learn from a diverse faculty of eminent professionals
  • Have a knowledge of your personality traits and how to manage it in relation to others
  • Create a niche for your organization within the competitive market
  • Generate cutting edge leadership and management strategies
  • Develop structures for effective running of your organisation
  • Improve the brand perception of your organisation
  • Create products lines and services that people don’t know they need.
  • Be equipped with latest ICT skills to lead your teams effectively and efficiently
  • Start a process that will bring about dramatic growth in all directions of your life in the next 10 years, while exposing you to a new level of thinking like Jack Welch, Richard Brandson, Bill Gates, Larry Page, Mohammed Nasheed, Oprah Winfrey, Sonia Sotomayor, Steve Jobs etc.



  • Corporate Executives
  • CEOs in Public and Private Sectors
  • Executive Secretaries of MDAs
  • Federal and State Permanent Secretaries
  • Vice Chancellors, Rectors of Polytechnics and provosts of colleges of education
  • Principal Officers in Tertiary Education
  • Top Managers and Administrators
  • National legislators and Ambassadors
  • Coaches, Consultants, Authors, Speakers
  • Representatives of government organizations
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Professionals in Personnel, Admin and Finance.

Attendance is restricted to invited delegates only!

PAYMENT OPTIONS (Domiciliary Account $)

A highly subsidized course fee of:

One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty US Dollar $1,850

Access Bank Account Name: Leading Edge Business School

Account no: 0060665038, sort code: 044081946



Global Transformational Leadership Award (GTLA) is designed to recognize outstanding achievements and contributions made by individuals, leaders, managers, top executives, CEOs and organizations. We shall celebrate leadership excellence in different categories of achievements in diverse industries – public/private sectors that have contributed immensely to industry/national developments and in service to humanity.



This Master-Class is being organized jointly by Leading Edge Business School in collaboration Harvard Business School, Boston, USA. Leading Edge Business School has strong affiliations, linkages and partnerships with several reputable Foreign Schools; such as Oxford University, Harvard Business School, University of Dundee, SOAS, University of Abadeen etc, and has international recognition by UNESCO for its role in human capital development.






This Top executive Master-Class will be guided along the following training philosophy:

  1. Androgogy: 80% [Recipient centred learning / teaching process], and
  2. Pedagogy: 20% [Resource centred learning / teaching process]

To cover the scope of services, tasks and expected deliverables, we shall go into details using the following methodologies- participatory using PowerPoint presentations, and provide a much too rare opportunity for participants to interact and mingle in an apex social setting, exceptionally unique for peer-to-peer networking and sharing of experiences on what works and what doesn’t work. Each step has:

  1. Resource person to handle a key concept;
  2. interactive lectures facilitated by key resource persons who examine the theme and topics of the master-class from a broad theoretical perspective down to case studies examining real world implementation. The presentations will be augmented by small group exercises and frequent discussions from the floor, which serve to contextualise the issue being examined.
  3. Discussions of these real life situations, comparative studies as well as true story examples and handouts of actual cases facilitated by the instructors and
  4. Digital toolkits, skills, tips and techniques to help participants build, enhance and inspire positive leadership and support roles.



This programme will be managed by highly skilled and competent personnel with adequate experience in Leadership, Business, Management and HR Consultancy services, as well as MBA courses. As Business Schools of great repute, we have both resident and non-resident faculty members with sound academic background and rich industry experience. Our staff and members of the faculty work together in delivering quality services to our esteemed clients. Apart from our corporate profiles on our websites, below are some of our faculty members crafted to handle to this project;




 Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas

Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas, an experienced chairman of award winning companies and vision holder of successful transformation programmes holds a portfolio of board appointments and for many years has held public appointments at local and national level. He has helped companies in over 40 countries to improve director, board and corporate performance. He also chairs the group audit and risk committee of United Learning and is a member of the business school team at the University of Greenwich and Director-General of IOD India for UK and Europe. Colin is the author of over 50 books and reports, including ‘Transforming Knowledge Management, ‘Talent Management 2’, ‘Transforming Public Services, ‘Winning Companies; Winning People’ and ‘Developing Directors, A handbook for building an effective boardroom team. Since being the world’s first professor of corporate transformation he has held professorial appointments in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, India and China. He was educated at the LSE, the London Business School and the Universities of Aston, Chicago, South Africa and Southern California. An international Change Agent and Transformation Leader Award winner, Colin is a fellow of seven chartered bodies and secured first place prizes in the final examinations of three professions.



 Ben Nwankwo (PhD)

 Ben Nwankwo (PhD) is the Founder/Chair of the Board of Leading Edge Business School, LEBS Abuja Nigeria. He has over 25 years experience in the HR System, seasoned technical insights of Public Sector Work-system and a strong portfolio of bottom-line learning and development designs for public and private sector organizational development and human performance improvements. He is an internationally Certified Leadership and Management Expert


Ms. Milagros Jijie C. Zablan

-International Training Specialist & Executive Coach

-Training & Development Management Professional

-Microsoft Trainer

-DISC Certified Consultant & Training with over 25 years experience Board Management


Chander Mohan

Chander Mohan is the Global Partner, Certified Senior Trainer, Consultant and Key

Note Speaker of Haines Centre of Strategic Management, San Diego, USA.  He is also the Executive Director of Creative Management Consultants, Dubai.

A world rate management Specialist and a consultant to Harvard Business School


Dr.Elaine Allison

Dr.Elaine Allison, is the owner and founder of Positive Presentations Plus Inc. (est. 1999). She  is an International speaker and author of The Velvet Hammer, Powerful Leadership Lessons for Women Who Don’t Golf. She has enthralled audiences from coast to coast in both the United States and Canada and globally with her lively presentations and affable style. An Oxford certified Leadership and Management Professional. And an MBA holder in Personnel Management from University of Califonia.


Sunil Bahri

Sunil Bahri is a FCA , FCS , ACSI & Sox Certified and is an adviser on Forensic Accounting & Corporate Fraud prevention ,Whistleblower technologist ,Six Sigma, Business Process Review & Management ,ERP Solutions (Epicor & SAP ) , Strategic Management , CSR , Environment Management & Recycling , Franchising and is practicing Global Management Consultant. Sunil is CEO of Kaizensox Consulting FZE, based in Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE and Vancouver, BC, Canada.


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