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Good governance at the national and sub-national levels of any country is however, critical for effective service delivery and consolidation of democratic values. The lack of this system often lead to skewed wealth distribution and stunted growth and development; all of which breads an atmosphere of injustice, socioeconomic & political imbalance, with the poor and minority group being hardest hit.

However, within the good governance gamut at the local level, the import of local legislation cannot be underestimated. But unfortunately, Nigeria as a democratic country is yet to develop a strong legislative pedigree at federal, state and local government levels. Legislators, particularly those at the local government level, more often than not, are ignorant of their statutory role and responsibilities.

Constitutionally, it is provided that the local government legislative council should perform varied functions. Achieving the legislative responsibilities in a bid to guarantee good governance, calls for the development of the legislative arm.



To facilitate acquisition of practical legislative knowledge, kindle enthusiasm in the law making profession and motivate legislators.

* To create a platform where the theory, practice and techniques of legislation at the third tier government, within the context of a subsisting democratic governance; will be x-rayed, discussed and action plan developed.

* To bring to bear the current trends and impart the right legislative skills and knowledge which will help them carry out their roles as councilors effectively

. * To build the capacities of the councilors in order to serve their communities in a sustainable, effective and efficient manner, in line with democratic and good governance principles.

* To develop the leadership capabilities of the councilors and build their capacities to supporting the executive


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Course Content

Local government and constitutionalism in Nigeria.

  1. Local legislation & good governance in Nigeria: an overview.

iii. Law making processes in the Nigeria’s local government system: the procedures, lapses & way forward.

  1. The functions & roles of councilors in democratic local governance system: acquiring the skillset.
  2. The place of local authorities in the attainment of millennium development goals (MDGs) and other development programmes

. vi. Leadership development skills for local government councilors.




* Local Government Chairmen

*  Heads of Local government service commission

* Local Government Treasurers

* Local Government Budget & Planning Officers

* Senior Management Team in the Local Governments


Our programmes is practical in design orientation and utilizes up-till- date learning delivery methods including: syndicate work, group discussions, real – life case studies and lectures. The uniqueness of this programme is the strong emphasis on individual active participation and sharing of professional experiences. At Leading Edge Academy, we provide much –too- rare opportunity for our programmes participants to interact and mingle in an apex social setting exceptionally unique for peer- to – peer networking

We shall be deploying wide screen projectors to enable wide view thereby helping trainees to gain quick overviews of icons and their functionalities. trainees will receive courseware to guide them in subsequent practices and provide off – the – training references for practical adaptations. Our IT training gadgets including interactive devices that enable demonstrations. With the best hands, the training exercises have been adapted to suit adult learning experience.


The course fee of N80, 000 (Eighty Thousand Naira) covers:

  • Tuition fee
  • Personal Assessment Test
  • Course materials
  • Writing materials and workshop bag
  • Daily buffet, lunch and double tea – breaks
  • Electronic documentation and online network access
  • Report of the course
  • Executive certificate

Participants should pay in through the account below:

Account Name:          Leading Edge Academy

Bank Name:                Access Bank Plc

Account No:               0060293978 (Naira)

                                     0016819814 (Domiciliary Account)

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