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Successful leaders know their value lies not only in managing teams and running organizations, but in inspiring others, setting purposeful goals, executing strategic visions, and creating cultures of excellence. You may be an established leader given your strides in management, however to broaden your leadership development for greater impact globally, CEOs, dons of colleges of educations, universities and polytechnics and their council executives needs to be armed with leadership latest thinking in leading across influences.

Challenged by the new global economy, technological innovations, national ambitions, and explosive public expectations, public organizations and institutions need extra-ordinary CEOs that can successfully navigate through uncharted landscape and demands to achieve concrete results and distinguishable excellence. Visionary leadership and innovative performance can transform organizations and institutions to be a breeding ground for top of the performances and results. While on the job experiences play critical role, taking CEO self-appraisal and stepping outside the environment of the council rooms provides amazing opportunities to take fresh look at the organization, generate new ideas and strategies to lead even more successful.

This summit is unrivalled in its breadth and it is designed of finely-honed leadership programs for public Leaders and Institutional executives looking to advance their leadership qualities and capabilities now. From exploring power and influence and organizational change, to developing personal negotiation styles, to coaching teams for high



The core objectives of this summit is to re-invent and revitalize executive presence, improve policy standards through quality planning and vision for innovative performance across organizations and institutions in West Africa. Hence, specific summit objectives include helping respective delegates to: To take a new look at organizations and Institutions transformation and answer Fundamental Questions of Leadership;

  • Understand Human Influence and how to Achieve Results Through Others
  • Develop toolkits for Leading from Strength: Acknowledging and Using Executive Power
  • Acquire hands-on skills for Engaging the Power of Others
  • Share Power Stories: Adding Influence to Leadership; v. Learn mechanism of carrying out CEO Performance evaluation
  • Learn skills in monitoring project and programmes
  • Understand what balanced scorecard entails and how to implement balanced scorecard; where other frameworks have already been introduced; viii. Learn organizational cascading techniques using Balanced Scorecard (BSC); and
  • Build and implement own balanced scorecard using BSC nine step winning methodology


This Top Executive Master-Class will be guided along the following training philosophy: a. Androgogy: 80% [Recipient centered learning / teaching process], and b. Pedagogy: 20% [Resource centered learning / teaching process]

To cover the scope of services, tasks and expected deliverables, we shall go into details using the following methodologies- participatory using PowerPoint presentations, and provide a much too rare opportunity for participants to interact and mingle in an apex social setting, exceptionally unique for peer-to-peer networking and sharing of experiences on what works and what doesn’t work. Each step has:

  1. Resource person to handle a key concept;
  2. interactive lectures facilitated by key resource persons who examine the theme and topics of the master-class from a broad theoretical perspective down to case studies examining real world implementation. The presentations will be augmented by small group exercises and frequent discussions from the floor, which serve to contextualize the issue being examined.
  3. Discussions of these real life situations, comparative studies as well as true story examples and handouts of actual cases facilitated by the instructors and
  4. Digital toolkits, skills, tips and techniques to help participants build, enhance and inspire positive leadership and support roles.



At the end of this summit, delegates will be able to:

  • Gain technical and detailed insight into the operations, functions, structures and policy principles that leading CEOs use to innovate organizations and institutions
  • Maximize your credibility as Chief executive
  • Understand how to mount strategic directional beacons and crack the code of organizational performance
  • Improve the quality of corporate governance by focusing on evaluation, appraisal and development of the board or council
  • Make your organization/ institution an effective instrument for innovation and change
  • Develop a culture that capitalize on transparency, diversity and difference to create value by building trust among stakeholders
  • Develop action plan on ‘principled-based corporate governance’ which can be driven by the organization’s own structure
  • Learn how key stakeholders rate your leadership effectiveness
  • Strengthen your external influence skills and validate or recast your organization’s vision
  • Broaden your network with other directors, council members, and peers and gain insights of comparative perspectives from other institutions through benchmark visits and draw lesson for your organizational improvement; and
  • Develop action plan, balance and sustain your energy for the work of leadership.


The course fee of $1, 500 (One Thousand Five Hundred Dollars only) covers:

  • Tuition fee
  • Airport pickup and drop off
  • Medical and industry tourism
  • Personal Assessment Test
  • Course materials
  • Writing materials and workshop bag
  • Daily buffet, lunch and double tea – breaks
  • Electronic documentation and online network access
  • Report of the course
  • Executive certificate

Participants should pay in through the account below:

Account Name:          Leading Edge Academy

Bank Name:                Access Bank Plc

Account No:               0060293978 (Naira)

                                     0016819814 (Domiciliary Account)

Sort Code:                  070080173



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